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What is CTimelines?

CTimelines (Cardano Timelines) is a collaborative project whose main mission is to promote the education of community members regarding the Cardano ecosystem.

Origin of the project

CTimelines arises from the need that, for a member of the community, it is very difficult to have a comprehensive vision of the history of the ecosystem.
A vision which allows them to understand in a simple, clear and concise way where we come from and where we are going.

How is the goal achived?

CTimelines consolidates, simplifies and provides resources/tools that facilitate understanding and adoption within the ecosystem.
  • CTimelines educates by providing a public reference repository where the entire history of the ecosystem is consolidated.
  • CTimelines educates by publishing NFT Collections infographics of the ecosystem, each one seeking to represent it from a different perspective.

What elements is it made up of?

Web portal

The CTimelines website (CTimelines.io) acts as an access point to the various components of the project.
Cardano Timelines


The CTimelines project is documented using the Gitbook tool.

Ecosystem Milestones Repository

CTimelines is made up of a public repository where all the milestones in the history of the Cardano ecosystem are consolidated.
Cardano ecosystem milestones repository


CTimelines | Cardano Timeline VisualCardano
From the information consolidated in the repository, infographics are designed that seek to visually and interactively represent the history of the ecosystem from a unique and particular perspective. Thus complementing the rest of the visualizations, as if it were a great choral work.

NFT Collections

Each infographic will have an NFT collection launch associated with it.
The main objective of which will be to finance the editors and designers of the infographics, who are in charge not only of creating them and giving them life, but also of maintaining them, given that they will receive regular updates.